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Report Tea Pot George as a Wiki Vandal

This site broadcasts to the responses of the Citizens of Wiki World to one of its top brain police, whose nom de plume is TeaPotGeorge. If  TeapotGeorge has been bothering you – report him.  – tell him conduct is abusive and … Continue reading

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Tag Bomber

I’ve changed my mind. There’s something wrong with your attitude and you won’t be getting the pictures. Since you haven’t replied to me at after tag-bombing the article I was editing, I’m assuming you’ve got something going on. We’re … Continue reading

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Crazy vandalising editing

So nice to keep following your edits. Nice to see that you are are zealous as ever ensuring that everyone has each t crossed and i dotted precisly and exactly. Nice to know that you are always on duty to … Continue reading

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Marketing and media assistant

Are you recommending that I add the Marketing and Media Assistant names to the Pritish Nandy Communications article? I could find out their names. You’ve removed some key names for the umpteenth time and I don’t understand why you would … Continue reading

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Correction is not Vandalism

I did not vandalize anything! Mine was a correction, I just talked with an administrator about it, and he recognised that I am in right. —Preceding unsigned comment added by FrankVonPedro (talk • contribs) 18:26, 18 November 2009 (UTC) You changed a referenced population … Continue reading

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